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Thermal Care

Treat yourself naturally at the Spa

The Acque Albule are sulphurous, hypothermic. They retain the name that was given to them since ancient times due to the whitish color (from the Latin adjective "albula" = whitish water), due to the gaseous emulsion that forms on the surface, when, as the pressure decreases, they release carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulphide previously dissolved in water.

The waters that flow from the two Regina and Colonnelle lakes, north of via Tiburtina, reach the thermal baths in the quantity of 3,000 liters per second. The mineral water maintains a constant temperature of 23 ° C all year round.

Chemical analyzes that confirmed the therapeutic powers of Acque Albule date back to the 19th century. Today we know that sulfur is a powerful natural antibacterial with an important anti-inflammatory effect.

-Osteoarthritis and other degenerative forms;
- Extra-articular rheumatism
Balneotherapy, Mud-Balneotherapy YES Find out more
- Chronic bronchial rhinosinusitis syndromes;
- Chronic bronchitis;
- Vasomotor rhinopathy;
- Chronic pharyngolaryngitis;
- Chronic sinusitis
Inhalation treatments YES Find out more
- Tubal stenosis;
- Chronic catarrhal otitis;
- Chronic purulent otitis not cholesteamatous
Endotympanic insufflations (Rhinogenic Deafness) YES Find out more
- Psoriasis;
- Eczema;
- Atopic dermatitis;
- Seborrheic dermatitis;
- Acne
Balneotherapy, Hydromassage


Find out more
- Dyspepsia of gastrointestinal and biliary origin;
- Irritable bowel syndrome in the variety with constipation.
Hydropinic treatments YES Find out more

Spa treatments are covered by Italy’s national health service (SSN). The SSN (Servizio sanitario nazionale) provides for one treatment cycle per year.

What should one do to access treatment covered by the NHS?

  • Present yourself at the spa’s registration desk with your GP referral (the pink prescription)as provided by your GP, and on which the medical condition, diagnosis and treatment to be carried out should be indicated (see summary diagram D.M. 15/12/1994).
  • Pay the prescription charge, a total of 55.00 Euro (as of 1 January 2016, with the exception of those who are exempt who should pay 3.10 Euro on presentation of the prescription with exemption code issued by their local NHS, according to the thermal care).
  • Upon acceptance you will receive a radio frequency badge which must be carefully preserved and used on a day by day basis to initiate the treatments (and to also download the treatments performed at a later date)
  • Undergo a medical examination at our spa clinicto check the patient does not present contraindications concerning the treatment as prescribed by the GP. (The examination is mandatory but there is no charge as it is already included in the payment of the prescription charge and SSN cover).

What should one do during the covered treatment?

After the medical examination, you will be given:

  • A personal file (for mud balneotherapy and balneotherapy treatments only) that must be presented to the spa treatment staff on a daily basis. If the doctor deems it appropriate, he will provide you with additional guidance on making use of the treatment.

What should one do at the end of the treatment?

  • Return the identification badge
  • Certification of the treatment cycle performed may be requested when required for work purposes.
rheumatic Osteoarthritis and other degenerative forms;
Extra-articular rheumatism
Mud therapy -
of the respiratory tract Chronic rhinosinusitis - bronchial syndromes;
Chronic bronchitis
ENT diseases
ENT Tubal stenosis;
Chronic catarrhal otitis
(Rhinogenic deafness)
gynecological Painful sclerosis of the pelvic connective tissue of
cicatricial and involutionary nature;
Persistent leukorrhea from chronic vaginitis
non-specific or dystrophic
dermatological Psoriasis;
Eczema and atopic dermatitis;
Seborrheic dermatitis
vascular Sequelae of chronic phlebopathy Balneotherapy
of the device
Dyspepsia of gastroenteric and biliary origin;
Irritable bowel syndrome in the variety
with constipation
centro termale romacure inalatoriecure termali roma

The contribution to health service costs is € 55.00 (from 1 January 2016) and entitles you to one course of treatment (12 days) on the SSN per year.


Entitlement to one course of treatment on the NHS per year:

  • Children up to six years of age with a gross family income up to € 36,152.00
  • Senior citizens over the age of 65 with a gross family income up to € 36,152.00
  • From 7 years to 65 years of age, with a household income not exceeding € 8,236.32 and up to € 11,362.06 + € 516.46 per dependent child

Entitlement to two courses of treatment on the SSN per year:

  • Civilian invalids from 67%
  • Work invalids from 67%
  • Public service invalids category 2-5
  • War invalids category 1-5 non-receiving life-long pension


Entitlement to two courses of treatment on the SSN per year:

  • War invalids category 1-5 with direct life-long pension
  • Public service invalids category 1
  • Work invalids at 100%
  • Civil invalids at 100% and invalids with carer’s allowance

For information on the categories not indicated please contact us at:
Phone: 0774 408500 - E-mail:

Terme di Roma is covered by INPS (national social security institution) and ENASARCO (national assistance board for commercial agents and representatives)

To undergo the state-coveredbalneotherapy mud treatment cycle, one should bookat leasttwo weeks beforehand, by contacting the

Mud Department: Tel. 0774 408517
(Monday to Saturday: from 13:00 to 15:00)

Thermal treatments covered by INPS at the Terme di Roma - Acque Albule S.p.A.

Basic care cycles for rheumatoid arthritis and ancillary care:

- Mud baths plus mud removal bath
- Mud baths plus mud removal bath
- Therapeutic baths

Ancillary care (maximum 18 treatments) including:

- Inhalation treatments
- Vaginal irrigations

Basic Care Cycle for asthmatic bronchitis and ancillary care:

- 12 Inhalations and 12 Aerosols or 12 nebulisations or pulverisations

Ancillary care (maximum 12 treatments):

 - Vaginal irrigations

Accessing INPS funded Spa Treatments

In order to undergo thermal treatments under INPS, applications must be submitted from 1 January to 31 October each year, at the employee’s local INPS headquarters, accompanied by the GP's certificate, which should indicate:

- pathology and therapy for which the treatment is required,
- request for ancillary care.

Those eligible to apply:

- Employees registered with INPS
- Self-employed persons registered with INPS
- INPS employees
- Workers covered under separate management (refer to Article 2, paragraph 26 of L335 / 95)
- Redundancy workers
- Non-definitive invalidity allowance holders

Necessary criteria in order to apply:

- 5 years of paid contributions and 3 years of contributions in the five years preceding the application (credited contributions are also valid);
- Pathologies included in the Ministerial Decree of 15.12.94

Duration of services:

An annual cycle of thermal therapy takes place over 12 treatment days (13-day stay) INPS may re-authorise up to 5 cycles (5 years) in those cases where the medico-legal conditions required for the allocation of treatment remain.

For full information, consult the INPS website byclicking here or visit your local INPS office..

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