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Between East and West

Between East and West September 2023

In September, by booking one of the following treatments, for only €15.00 you'll receive a complimentary access to the "Le Vie del Benessere" Thermal SPA.
(to be used on the same date as the booked treatment)


The Tibetan Massage is based on Tibetan Medicine dating back to 4000 years ago. The therapist's goal is to create harmony between body and mind, balancing the dynamics of the five elements and acting on the three main vital functions. All these factors are interconnected.

When the masseur works on a point of the body, they simultaneously affect the elements, humors, physical, and psychic components.

The most used technique in Tibetan massage is ku nye, which involves the application of warm oil with added herbs and spices. During the massage, maneuvers are performed to generate heat, allowing the oil and other substances to penetrate the skin.

COST: €90.00 DURATION: 50 minutes

The Hawaiian massage acts on the body, benefiting the lymphatic, circulatory, respiratory, digestive, and muscular systems. Special attention is given to joint treatment. On a mental and spiritual level, Lomi Lomi guarantees relaxation by affecting the nervous system, bridging the gap between body and spirit. It is also recommended for combating depression, stress, and traumas.

COST: €100.00 - DURATION: 60 minutes

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The completely renovated and refurbished amenities of the New Thermal Spa, in addition to traditional cures from thermal medicine, offer different types of wellness programmes thanks to utilisation of the latest technologies.

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