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Facial Toning Massage

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PRICE: € 45,00 - DURATION: minutes 25

Alternation of draining maneuvers and stimulating the reactivity of the mimic muscles of the face.

Face-scalp lymphatic drainage

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PRICE: Euro 45,00 - DURATION: minutes 25

Manual lymphatic drainage performed according to the technique devised by Dr. Vodder for the reabsorption of lymphatic stasis of the face-neck-décolleté.

Thermal sulfur mask

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PRICE: Euro 45,00 - DURATION: minutes 30

The antiseptic action of the sulfur makes the treatment particularly suitable for oily and impure skin.

Enzymatic face peeling

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PRICE: Euro 50,00 - DURATION: minutes 40

The peeling to improve the aesthetics of the face is theaesthetic cleaning treatment most commonly used to exfoliate and renew the epidermis. The smoothing, regenerating, enzymatic face peeling with moisturizing pack is performed with the application of exfoliating active ingredients followed by a moisturizing pack.

Face cleaning

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PRICE: Euro 55,00 - DURATION: minutes 55

Face cleaning is considered the basictreatment in the aesthetic field and serves to remove impurities, dead cells (the flaking horny flakes) and spots from the skin surface. blacks (comedones).

Ki Harmony Face

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PRICE: Euro 60,00 - DURATION: minutes 45

Ki Harmony is a wellbeing and facial beauty massage based on ancestral Chinese techniques and the use of innovative cosmetic products capable of making the treated skin develop beta endorphins and, therefore feelings of joy and relaxation. Beauty, happiness, well-being and relaxation, all in one treatment, become a reality thanks to the Ki Haromony massage method. Massage anti-stress with relaxing touch and acupressure manoeuvres. Peculiarity of the treatment is the "dance of the brushes" for a "soft peeling" and hydration of the skin.

Intensive Vitamin C treatment

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PRICE: Euro 65,00 - DURATION: minutes 45

Vitamin C creates a delicate non-photo sensitizing peeling, blocks oxidative damage, deeply moisturizes, reduces acne inflammation. It makes the skin luminous, hydrated, compact and revitalizes the dull tan.

Ayurvedic face massage

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PRICE: Euro 60,00 - DURATION: minutes 45

It is based on the Indian Ayurvedic philosophy according to which the body is crossed by energy flows which, if blocked for any reason, cause disturbances and diseases. It is a massage relaxing and rebalancing, it facilitates the circulation of the face, reduces tension, relieves headaches and neck pain, improves eyesight, detoxifies, dissolves negative emotions, improves concentration, helps fight insomnia.

Sensitive Treatment

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PRICE: € 60,00 - DURATION: minutes 45

Special treatment for sensitive skins, it has a soothing, protective/repairing and moisturizing effect. Excellent for all those skins with telangiectasia and couperose of a thin and fragile nature that react quickly to external agents and sudden changes in temperature. The treatment relieves redness, moisturizes and protects.

Hyaluronic treatment

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PRICE: € 70,00 - DURATION: minutes 50

Hyaluronic acid is a substance present in our skin and is one of the most important components of connective tissue. Indeed, hyaluronic acid is a substance that gives elasticity and turgidity as well as hydrating and protecting it. The quantity of hyaluronic acid in our body is destined to decrease over the years. The hyaluronic acid treatment allows you to restore a part of the hydration that the skin needs.


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PRICE: € 80,00 - DURATION: minutes 50

It is a treatment that relaxes the skin of the face, giving it elasticity, luminosity and hydration, producing an immediate lifting effect. Excellent for all events, occasions and special evenings to obtain fresh, luminous, relaxed and rejuvenated skin.

Bio-lifting facial massage

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PRICE: € 100,00 - DURATION: minutes 55

Treatment ideal for mature skin that has lost tone. Gives an immediate tightening effect. Exceptional as preventive treatment.

Facial treatment Q10

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PRICE: Euro 80,00 - DURATION: minutes 50

Q10 is an anti-aging treatment composed of a fat-soluble molecule that has the purpose of protecting cells from oxidative stress and the increase of free radicals.

The main benefits of this facial treatment are:

  • prevent dysfunction of fibroblasts (cells of the dermis);
  • prevent damage induced by UV rays;
  • promote the reduction of some signs of photoaging.

It's therefore a valid tool to counteract skin aging.


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